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Improvised hand washing facility, near toilets.
Wavin is researching the feasibility of placing a rainwater retention facility underground. This is safer due to less bacteria.
In Changangkha, UNICEF supports a special education curriculum and assists with a clean water & sanitation program.
Jerrycans are filled with fresh rainwater so children can wash their hands before meals.
The girls from a boarding school decorated their private toilet facility.
The children of Rinchen wash their hands before lunch time.
A young girl fills a jerrycan so classmates can wash their hands.
Before the school day ends, these boys from Chubachu collect water to clean the school’s grounds.
The remoteness of some schools makes transporting water very difficult.
Due to the erratic rainwater, the central aeria of this boarding school in Chungkha is very dry. Wavin will supply 7 kilometers of pipe to ensure clean drinking water.
The building on the right houses toilets, showers and large taps for washing clothes.
Getting supplies to remote locations can be difficult and sometimes hazardous.
This toilet facility, located at a girls boarding school, can be locked.
The children at this pre-school have learned to wash their hands before eating.
Since this remote monastery is not equipped with toilets, a separate structure has been built.
The container of this rainwater collection system needs to be protected against bacteria.
The Providing Essentials program will replace these gutters.
Thanks to toilets from the Providing Essentials program, these children no longer have open sores or diarrhea.
These Buddhist prayer flags signify: water, earth, wood, fire and sky.